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Our Services

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At our land surveying business, we offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet your specific needs. From accurate boundary surveys and precise topographic mapping to construction layout and land development assessments, our skilled team of professionals is committed to providing reliable and detailed data for your projects. 

Contractor land surveying the backyard

Boundary Surveys

Boundary surveys determine property lines and marks the boundaries of a piece of land, preventing disputes and establishing legal ownership.


Topographic Surveys

Maps out the natural and man-made features of a terrain - like elevation, contours, vegetation, buildings, and water bodies, essential for urban planning and engineering projects.


Construction Surveys

Provides precise measurements and markers during construction projects, ensuring structures are built in the correct location and alignment.

Panoramic aerial view of a beautiful subdivision in an upscale neighborhood in Georgia, USA

Subdivision Survey

This survey divides a larger piece of land into smaller lots, ensuring adherence to local regulations and creating legal descriptions for individual lots.

Industrial construction site of new commercial shopping mall. Re


A comprehensive survey that meets the standards set by the American Land Title Association (ALTA) and National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS) for commercial properties, providing detailed information relevant to title insurance


Tunnel Survey

Provides accurate measurement, mapping, and analysis of tunnels. essential for tunnel construction, maintenance, and safety assessment.

Land checking : Surveyor engineer making measure at the land

Forensic Surveys

Involves the investigation and analysis of land-related evidence for legal or dispute resolution purposes. Used in court cases, property boundary disputes, or accident investigations.

Oslo, Norway. Night Embankment And Residential Multi-storey Houses In Aker Brygge District. Summer Evening. Residential Area Reflected In Waters. Famous And Popular Place. Panorama, Panoramic View

Real Estate Transfer

Also known as a boundary survey or cadastral survey, is conducted when a property changes ownership. The main purpose is to precisely determine and mark the property boundaries to establish legal property lines.

Modern residential apartment and flat building exterior with outdoor facilities. New luxury house and home complex. City Real estate property and condo architecture. With background

As - Built Survey

Once construction is complete, this will document the actual dimensions, location, and configuration of the built structures and improvements. and can be used as a reference for future modifications or renovations.

More Surveys We Provide


Using specialized instruments to analyze the subsurface conditions and identify buried features like utilities or archaeological artifacts


Identifying the area of land needed for public or private infrastructure projects, such as roads or utility lines.


Identifying and mapping easements, which are rights to use someone else’s land for specific purposes (e.g., utility access).

For Additions

Assess and document the existing property boundaries and features before making any new additions or modifications to a property.


Assessing the environmental impact of land development or construction projects.

Lot Line Staking

This accurately marks and identify the boundaries of a property.


Specifically focuses on assessing and documenting how a property complies with local zoning regulations

Our Process

Four Steps to Get Our Services

Hoppe Land Surveying prioritizes accuracy, professionalism, and excellent customer service.

Make Appointment

Contact our land surveying business to schedule an appointment. Our friendly and knowledgeable team will assist you in setting up a convenient time for the survey.

We Check The Location

Our experienced surveyors will visit the property to assess the site and gather relevant information. This includes reviewing any existing records, legal descriptions, and property documents.

Start Land Survey

Once the necessary preparations are completed, our skilled surveyors will begin the land surveying process. Using state-of-the-art equipment and precise measurement techniques, we accurately map the property's features and boundaries.

Survey Completed

After the survey is completed, our team will process the data, conduct necessary calculations, and create detailed survey reports and maps. We deliver the final survey results promptly to you, ensuring that you have the necessary documentation for your specific needs.


We Are Trusted In Over 40+ Towns In Westchester & Rockland County

Our commitment to accuracy, reliability, and exceptional customer service has earned us the confidence of countless clients and made us a trusted partner for a wide range of land surveying needs. Whether it’s boundary surveys, construction layout, topographic mapping, or any other surveying service, you can count on us to deliver reliable results and valuable insights for your projects. Experience the difference of working with a trusted name in the industry – choose us for all your land surveying requirements in Westchester and Rockland County.

If you need a reliable land surveyor in New York, look no further than Hoppe. They provided us with a topographic map for our development project, and we couldn't be happier with their work. The attention to detail and accuracy were exceptional. Great job!

    John C.


    We recently hired Stephen for an ALTA/NSPS survey, and they exceeded our expectations. The entire process was seamless, and their team handled all the paperwork and documentation efficiently. It's evident that they truly care about their clients. Highly recommended

      Callie W.


      I highly recommend this company for land surveying services in New York. Their team is knowledgeable, professional, and goes above and beyond to ensure client satisfaction. We hired them for a subdivision survey, and their expertise made the process stress-free.

        Brad O.



        General Question

        Land surveying is a crucial service that ensures accuracy and integrity in property ownership, development, and construction projects. Professional land surveyors play a vital role in maintaining the integrity of land boundaries and supporting various land-related activities.

        Land surveys are essential for various purposes, including property boundary determination, construction planning, real estate transactions, resolving boundary disputes, obtaining building permits, and land development projects.

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